Anatomy of the eye

  • 14 Jul , 2019
  • 02:35 PM

The eye is one of the most important members of the human being, which is blessed by God, through which man gets a large part of his knowledge, and learns everything that detracts, and help him to interact with the outside world, besides helping the senses such as hearing and touch, Of the parts that help her to perform this great function of man, in this article we will identify the parts that make up the eye, and the function of each part. The eye's parts and functions The lens is a small, clear lens that is used to visualize the images on the eye's mesh and connect them to the optic nerve in the brain to translate them. Pupil: The black iris in the iris of the eye,His responsibility is to release the amount of light necessary for the eye to see objects, so its size changes accordingly. Solid: The white part of the eye. Retina: The most sensitive part of the eye, containing the main artery one, in addition to one main vein, called central venous vein.The eyeball is the place that contains the eyeball. It consists of bones. It separates between the eyeball and some of the stone components such as fat, muscles, blood vessels, and glands, which can swell at times, thus pushing the eye forward. Corneal: A thin layer resembling the bottle that consists of the clock, and its mission to protect the front of the eye through its work as a transparent cover, and it allows the light to penetrate without breaking, and scratching causes severe pain to humans. The center of vision: The part that contains light-sensitive cells, and its mission to help the human to see the details of the minute clearly and large, and its location in the retina, and is an important parts of the eye, any simple change on them lead to a vision defect.Glass liquid is a transparent gel that fills the middle part of the eye. Optic nerve: It is the way that connects the eye to the brain, through which images are taken on the retina, and transfer to the brain, and translated into it. Eyelids: Eyelids function as visual eyeglasses and maintain the strength of vision by maintaining internal eye moisture. Without these eyelids, the eye dries up and is endangered by the possibility of stones and dust entering the eye. The lacrimal system: This device acts as a drainage system, which prevents the tears of the eye from spilling on the cheeks constantly. The iris is one of the most visible parts of the eye. It consists of a long muscle that helps control the amount of light reaching the retina, and it is the color that distinguishes the color of the eye, including blue, black and brown.


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