Dr/Ahmad Saeed

Dr. Ahmad Saeed , PH.D. and consultant eye surgery

Faculty of Medicine Zagazig University

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It is the most common type that works for most people and is performed by a thin crust in the surface of the cornea and then the laser beam is shed on the middle tissue in the cornea and turn into healthy cornea


The Femto LASIK process to correct the consideration is used in certain cases that the operation of the traditional Llasik is unable to treat such as: Cases of extreme myopia. Cases that possess a corneal with a thin thickness.

Glaucoma surgery

We offer the best ways to treat Glaucoma whether laser treatment – surgical treatment

Cataract surgery

The latest ways to treat cataracts like Phaco and Femtocataract.


Treatment of keratoconus by planting delicate rings within the cortex of the cornea using a laser, superficial laser or corneal grafting

Intraocular lens

Planting lenses inside the eye without removing the original lenses of the eye safe and efficient solution to correct the defects of the eyes (refractive)